About Tarzan

December 3, 2008

Q. What is Tarzan’s favorite holiday song?

A. Jungle Bells!


About Turkeys

November 26, 2008

Q. Why can’t you take a turkey to church?

A. Because of it’s fowl language.

About Fairytales

November 19, 2008

Q. What weighs six tons and wears glass slippers?

A. Cinder-elephant!

About Horses

November 12, 2008

Q. Where do horses live?

A. In neigh-borhoods.

About Banks

November 5, 2008

Q. Why did the bank get bored?

A. Because it lost interest.

About Halloween

October 29, 2008

Q. What is a vampires least favorite food?

A. Steak

Q. Why did Dracula take cold medicine?

A. To stop his coffin.

Q. Why can’t Boy Ghosts make babies??

A. Because they have Hollow-Weenies!

About Vampires

October 22, 2008

Q. Why do vampires need mouthwash?
A. They have bat breath…

About Pizza

October 15, 2008

A pizza walks into a bar and the barman says sorry we don’t serve food in here.

About Literature & Ducks

October 8, 2008

Q. How do you start a book about ducks?

A. With an introduction.

About Coffee

October 1, 2008

“Waiter! This coffee tastes like mud.” “Yes sir, it’s fresh ground.”


Sorry about the delay in posting. Been busy around here!